Snowshoeing & ruckXbob

Abenteuer Management from Spital am Pyhrn


Hiking with snowshoes - inspires!

Behind the topic snowshoeing hide two sports which are becoming increasingly popular. On the one hand, the Nordic walking, on the other hand hiking with snowshoes. Thus, snowshoeing is an excellent endurance training with positive effects on the cardiovascular system. 

The adventure tours are an attractive alternative to the traditional winter sports. You can enjoy the silence and seclusion of our tours. Our routes will have no more than 25 ° slope. Children can attend from the age of 8 years. Ski and alpine skills are not necessary.


ruckXbob - accelerates!

The ruckXbob is a clever combination of a backpack carriage and a bob. With the new Deuter Backpack transport system Snowshoeing & Winter hikers comfortable their luggage uphill. They have a comfortable and dry seating for each catch. Then enjoy - the snow shoes safely stored on the Schlittenbob - a sleek deep snow slopes. In the early winter and spring is ruckXbob-time.


Smovey - enriches!

A worldwide sensation & innovation. 

On a snowshoe hike we replace the sticks through the green "Vibro-magic rings" with the natural 60-hertz frequency, which occurs when you move them. 

Depending on the intensity of the movement of the Rings endurance strengthens and increases the training effect. It improves coordination skills and enhances well-being. 

Already in the first turns you feel the unique combination of swing and vibration - the so-called Vibroswing effect. 


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