The Kasberg - even for tourers very popular!

  1. On Kasberg there is a separate track for the tourers. This leads over the Kohlerau- slope (1, please just go on the right side), on the old family run (2d) for Hochberghaus and from there via the connecting path (2c) in the upper ski area. This ascent trail is marked in its whole course. 
  2. For tourer the parking space nr. 2 is reserved. Please only use this car park. 
  3. Access to the skiing area is at the level of the kassa in the 8er-valley station. 
  4. At the ticket automat only a day pass can be purchased, which must be paid with a debit card. The season tickets for tourers are only available at the kassa during the opening times. 
  5. Price (parking fee) per person per day is € 4, -. For an entire season € 70, -. 
  6. The ascent and descents are regulated temporally as following: 
    7:00am to 9:00am: ascent and descent on the runway walker track. 

        9:00am to 17:00pm: Climb on runway track walker, departure on all slopes. At off-         peak days, the rise is also enabled on the Madlries. Please do not disregard the             signs! 

        17:00pm to 22:00pm: ascent and descent on the runway walker track. 

        on tourer days: (every Thursday during the season) and 

        on full moon days: (6th Dec., 5th Jan.,  4th Feb.,  5th March, 4th Apr.) 

        17:00pm to 22:00pm: ascent and descent is also allowed on the Madlries                     downhill. 

7.     Watch out! Outside the opening times (17:00pm to 8:30am) you can meet                       with a groomer. Please avoid! Slopes preparation with winch only take plache within         locked slopes. This track closures are absolutely to respect! Non-compliance can           be fatal!

8.     Watch out! Outside door opening times (17:00pm to 8:30am) is a non-organized             ski area, there is no ski rescue service available and there are no patrols.                       Liabilities are excluded for this period. 

9.     Please to observe the rules of conduct

  • Only ascend to the signposted track 
  • Use the right edge of the slopes offered 
  • Go behind the other 
  • Cross slopes only at arranged place, with sufficient distance from each other 
  • At night, make visible 

 at 03.12.2013