One card
and nine times slope fun


Ski joy for the duration of the entire season

You love the mountains, metres upon metres of snow and the feeling you get when you do one turn after another on the slopes? With the SunnyCard season ticket, you can enjoy limitless slope joy at nine ski resorts of 

That’s why the SunnyCard is perfect for families who want to make the most of their winter holiday! The ticket is more than just a standard season ticket because it gives you access to ski fun at a total of nine ski resorts in Austria and South Tyrol. 

With the SunnyCard, skiing becomes even more budget-friendly for families at the skisport resorts. If both parents buy a season ticket that’s valid in Austria and in South Tyrol, kids up to 15 (year of birth 2008 and younger) can go skiing for free – for the duration of the entire winter season! Kids up to the age of 10 (year of birth 2013 and younger) can ski for free all winter long if one parents’ ticket is purchased at the same time. The SunnyCard is valid at eight of the most beautiful ski resorts in four federal states of Austria and at the biggest glacier ski resort of South Tyrol. 

For the SunnyCard family season ticket, identification is required: To receive a free season ticket for kids, the whole family needs to live in one household (certificate of registration required). You also need to be able to present proof of family identity that mentions the age of the child (OÖ Familienkarte, E-Card or passport). The discounted “SunnyCard kids free” is not valid for the Monday to Friday card and the SunnyCard Under 25!

The SunnyCard allows you to enjoy budget-friendly winter sports fun while on holiday or on a day trip – for the duration of the whole season. 

The SunnyCard is valid at the following ski resorts: 

SunnyCard rates

valid during the 2022/2023 winter season

The SunnyCard is valid at the ski resorts of Hinterstoder, Wurzeralm, Ötscher, Hochkar, Kasberg, Hochficht, Heiligenblut/Grossglockner, Kössen and on Val Senales Glacier. 

Date of purchase Adult Teen
b. 2004 bis 2007
b. 2008 bis 2016
b. 1997 bis 2003
to Oct 31 € 486,00 € 365,00 € 268,00 € 414,00 € 354,00
from Nov 01 € 608,00 € 457,00 € 335,00 € 517,00 € 443,00

When purchasing two SunnyCards for adults, parents who live in the same household receive a free SunnyCard for their children under 15 (year of birth 2008) who live in the same household. 

When purchasing a SunnyCard for adults, parents of children under the age of 10 (year of birth 2013 and younger) who share the same household get the SunnyCard for kids for free. 

To receive the free SunnyCard for kids, you’re required to present proof of family identity or a copy of your child’s birth certificate (The free SunnyCard for kids is not valid for the Monday to Friday Card and the SunnyCard Under 25). 

When buying a SunnyCard, you need to present proof of family identity! 

The season tickets are available at the respective ski resorts on business days (except on Val Senales Glacier) and valid for the 2021/2022 winter season. The SunnyCard on Val Senales Glacier is valid from Oct 30, 2022 to the April 16, 2023 . 


Extraordinary Times Ask for Special Measures


In case of a pandemic during the winter season of 2022/23 resulting in the official shutdown of all lifts and cable cars at the same time at the SunnyCard partner destinations in Upper and Lower Austria we guarantee a pro rata refund of the SunnyCard if certain requirements are met.  

In case all lifts are shut down at all partner ski resorts in Upper and Lower Austria during the whole winter season of 2022/23 due to the pandemic, the entire purchase price will be refunded

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You’re itching to hit the slopes and want to get a SunnyCard right away? Then download the order form or purchase your ticket to limitless ski fun right at a ticket office. 

Just send the form to You can also get the season ticket in our convenient online shop – from the comfort of your couch! 

For receiving a SunnyCard, you’re required to present the following documents: 

  • a completed and signed order form 
  • photos 
  • for the issuance of a free SunnyCard for kids: proof of family identity or a copy of the child’s birth certificate